Why do kids hide behind things?

by krissdusel

If any of you are like me, you often forget that kids are just that – Kids! They can not wrap their minds around the “adult” world. My 5 year old daughter currently believes that her finding the perfect outfit to wear to daycare or grammas is way more important then me being late to work.

Kelly Marie Welch

I don’t know why kids like to hide behind things.

                -Under things

                                -In things

Sometimes it can be frustrating

                -When you’re waiting


Raising your voice and -giving them a choice

“Come out now, I mean it, you’ll see!  Okay Now. Okay now…

I’m counting to three!”  And now, your typical “cool”, by this point – you’ve lost it.


Not this time and not this rhyme.

See, I felt my temperature rise when she rolled her eyes and squeezed her tiny little body behind the couch cushion.                   I wanted to be mad, but across my eyes I got this vision.

Of 5 ½ years ago, back when I was still just wishin….

                                                                And yearning, and pleading, and desperate for a baby…..

And then in my vision, I remember thinking, JUST MAYBE! Just maybe I’ll have a little girl…

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