Workouts Can Be Found in The Strangest Places

by krissdusel


Yesterday morning I set off  for my sister and brother-in-laws to help them move.  As we moved the first load into the new house, I saw that their neighbors were working out in their driveway.  I have to say that I was a little jealous that I was not going to be able to workout because I would be helping all day with the move.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Missing out on a workout? Far from it!!! I have NEVER climbed up and down so many stairs in my life and not empty handed obviously.  Boxes and boxes and boxes!! Oh and two VERY large flat screen televisions and rearranging the furniture more than once!

So you see girls a workout is not just lifting weights in the gym, your home or even your front yard.  Workouts can be found in the strangest places!!

Another super great workout is cutting the lawn with a push mower.  I do this every week.  It takes me 2 1/2 hours and is a killer workout.  Did I mention my lawn mower is not self propelled.  Yep!  Hardcore.  Works every part of my body all while I am jamming to tunes on Pandora and getting some sun.


I live in Buffalo so of course the winters do not disappoint.  Another great workout – shoveling snow!! Ladies, do not let the boys do all the physical work.  Let them do some laundry or dishes.  They can watch the kiddos while you get  moving!!

No excuses!!! You can find a workout anywhere!!!!!