20 Playgrounds Challenge Update No. 2 – The Summer Fun Continues…..

by krissdusel

This Buffalo weather is killing our challenge.  First it rains for the entire beginning of the summer and then we get high 90s for a week?  Oh well!  That’s why it is called a challenge I guess.

Our fourth playground was the kind I use to go to as a kid complete with swings, a metal slide and a merry go round.  This playground was located at Clarence Town Park in Clarence, NY where we have a reunion with my mom’s side of the family every year. Of course, most of the time was spent on the merry go round.  It is always a hit with my kids.  It makes me a little nervous with my 5 year old on there, but she seems to be able to hold her own. As far as the new plastic one, I do not think the kids ever went on it.

IMG_2874 (1) IMG_3044 (1) IMG_0942

Our fifth playground  was at the Burchfield Nature and Art Center in West Seneca, NY.  Not only did they have an amazing playground, but they have a nature trail and a creek right along side to play in.  It looks like they have tons of activities and events going on all the time too according to their website – burchfieldnac.org .  Unfortunately, we did not get to see the trails because my little “angels” had a bit of a listening problem this day, so we went home after the creek walk.  If you can find a place like this near you with so much to do at once place and FREE, it is a goldmine.  Bring a lunch and hang out for a couple hours.  I had no idea there would be so much to do until we got there.

IMG_3706 IMG_5954IMG_4014

Our sixth playground is located at my sister’s campground – Niagara’s Lazy Lakes Camping Resort in Cambria, NY.  This is a fairly new playground.  They use to have this old metal thing that I wouldn’t even allow my kiddos to play on. After reading the resort’s yearly newsletter, I found out this playground is made from 39,000 recycled plastic milk cartons. How cool is that?


I was never a fan of these campgrounds with campers on top of each other, but I have changed my mind.  My 9 year old can ride his bike ALL day, that is in between swimming,  hayrides, activities,  the playground, etc…  We barely spend time at the camper anyway.

IMG_1174 (1) IMG_9165 IMG_0403 (2)IMG_2391

We visited my sister this weekend and my kids fell asleep 10 minutes into our 1 hour 15 minute ride home, which equals heaven for this exhausted mom. That is a testament to how busy they were.  My kids rarely sleep.  I think these campgrounds will allow you to stay overnight for free if you listen to their spiel. If you want your kids to stay active, these are great places to be members.  We visit my sister a couple of times a year and my kids have friends they met years ago.  They pick up right where they left off the previous year.

So our challenge continues….. 6 down and 14 more to go!!!  I am not getting discouraged.  We will do this!!  My kids do not go to school until after Labor Day weekend, so we still have well over a month!!  Now if mother nature would only cooperate!!!

I hope I have inspired you to get out there and have fun with your kids!!!  You can not get this time back!!